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About DC Velo

DC Velo races under the USCF "team" name "Team Beyer Auto," while operating under our long-standing "DC Velo" club name. Based in our Nation's Capital, we are one of the Mid-Atlantic's most respected and influential racing teams and cycling clubs.

Formally established as a USCF team in 1994, we are dedicated to promoting and sponsoring competitive bicycle racing and recreational cycling throughout the MABRA (Mid-Atlantic Bicycling Racing Association) region. Our talented and accomplished members enjoy riding and training together as much as racing.

Among our teammates are both current and past World, National and Mid-Atlantic champions. Scan the results of any race we enter, and you will find our names on the podium or at the top of the field. During the past five seasons, we have won over 190 races, 2 World Championships, 17 National championships, 8 MABRA overall BAR (Best All-around Rider) championships, 14 MABRA event championships and many other state championships and sprint and race leader jerseys.

Having close ties with both the metropolitan Washington private and public sector, and having created a cycling related charity through our related 501(c)(3) organization DC Velo Outreach Foundation, we hold friendship, community, and sportsmanship as core club values and hallmarks.